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Britax Frontier or Britax Pioneer - which is good?

Britax is one of the top manufacturers of children car seats housed in Europe. Many American families are fond of buying Britax car seats as they incorporate high end child safety technology. The major two car seat models of Britax are Frontier and Pioneer models that have basic features in common. There are notable differences too when both the models are compared. One of the important differences is the harness limit that both the models feature.  The harness limit of Frontier models goes up to 90 pounds while it is fixed at 70 pounds for the Pioneer model. You can just read through a frontier or pioneer comparison article to know which is good.

Like features of Frontier and Pioneer models

  • Five-point harness having 7 height points that do not twist
  • High grade steel bars position baby in place
  • Adjustable recline facility in the front
  • Added cushion to protect the child
  • Open belt ends enable convenient installation
  • Rethreading is not necessary for harness
  • Robust tether to connect seat to the car
  • Cup holders to stock up eatables
  • Easily detachable seat covers without the need of uninstalling of seat
  • Can shift to booster mode without releasing the harness
  • Armrests that are cushioned enough
  • Two positions to hold your growing child
  • Belt straps with color code for easy trailing
  • User friendly LATCH connectors
  • Delivers airplane travel feel in harness mode

Frontier Vs Pioneer car seats – Variations

Frontier car seat models boast of five extra features as that of Pioneer car seat models. They are:

ClickTight device: This device facilitates trouble-free installation of seats utilizing the seat belts instead of using lower LATCH connectors.

EZ-Buckle feature: Enables easy lodging of the child and protects on the sides through safe strapping.

HUGS Chest cushion: Hugs the child comfortably and prevents it from falling in the front.

Height limit: Frontier seats height range is noteworthy in both harness and booster modes. The Frontier’s harness limit in the seated position is 20.5 inches and 58 inches in the standing position. The booster mode height limit is 23 inches in the seated position and 62 inches in the standing position.

Cost: Frontier car seat model’s cost is comparatively higher than Pioneer.


These advanced features make the Frontier car seat models most preferable. When you consider the price, Pioneer car seats are less expensive. If your aim is to have a peaceful and comfortable ride, the Frontier models are the good choice.

Post by bevcucinotta (2017-08-12 01:06)

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